Sunday, November 18, 2012

mi vidaaaa en fotos!

Today I'm just going to post a lot of pictures of random things with small captions because I don't feel like typing a lot and I feel like pictures are more entertaining to look at anyway.
This picture is genuine happiness, it really is.

My host mother and I

Who dat gurlll

Love this city more than words can describe

My host sister, Celia

love the uniformity of these buildings

This picture is funny because for once my eyes are the widest...asian probs

Sagrada Familia

letting my personality shine through here

Sorry about how many pictures there are of me... Actually no I'm not. Why am I apologizing to a blog post?

Making cupcakes with Celia's friends!

Making some chocolate chip cookies with Lidia and Laura!

Thank you mommy for sending me a survival kit of Ramen noodles, goldfish, peanut butter and pop tarts.
Now I would like to say thank you to some friends back home. I'm not usually into the personal shootout type things in a blog but this is necessary. It means a lot to me that you haven't forgotten me, that you take time out of your busy lives to send me a message on Facebook or have a quick Skype session. I may be busy too, but I just want you to know how much you mean to me and how much it means to me that you keep in touch. It's really hard sometimes seeing life go on back home and seeing that you're not a part of it and feeling like people have forgotten you. But keeping in touch with you guys - it reminds me who my true friends are.

Andrew tipper...the love of my life!! Even though I know how difficult it is for you to respond with your crazy NYC Vogue life, I miss you more than you know and it makes my day whenever you send me any type of message.
6,000 miles away and we're still best friends. Colin Miller, can't wait till we can chat away in español and confuse everyone in the states because a ginger and an asian are communicating in another language. I miss you.

Tipper and Tipper- of course we stay in touch WE ARE FAMILY AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU

The most beautiful picture ever taken of Jenalli. Even though it took a while for you to remember who I was... I am so glad things are back to the way they were in 2nd grade. JAJA<333 We'll have a great time studying for algebra 1 keystones together Jennifer Manning.

AUDREY ROGERS. The person who never fails to respond to anything I say, sends the greatest snap chats, never fails to improve my day... I have to say, you are the best and keeping in touch and you are such a good friend and I love you endlessly and you mean the world to me.

SWARTZ SKOURAS PARTY IN PARIS. You two... no words. I love you guys, more than you know. When I get back we will resume Swartz Skouras sleepovers and movie nights and Sheetz runs and Mackenzie and I will make more crafts and Jordan you can yell at us or tell us how cool they are or whichever you prefer.... 

This picture is missing Lani, Shannon, and finally ABBY but to Megg, Esther, Paige, Erinn, Shannon, Lani, Abby. We're all over this wonderful country and you guys help me through everything. I couldn't ask for a better support system and can't wait to reunite in Madrid. AFS _______ SQUAD (This is a G rated blog.)

I have been horribly neglectful to one of the most important people in my life... Mikaelie, I miss you and your laugh and your spasms and your existence. Honestly, how am I even surviving without you? I don't know. But I just wanna let you know you should be expecting mail soon. ;)

Oh Annaaa Suuunn. Still sending me song lists and talking me through my life troubles whenever I need. You are the best Anna Hess. (That rhymed so it's a song so imagine me singing it while improvising on the piano with a headband around my forehead.)

Haley Magel!! I don't have a lot to say because you know how much I miss you and I can't imagine how horrible Breaking Dawn was without me... we need to Skype soon.

Olivia, Betsy, and Sarah Pell. Sorry this picture is terrible and that I couldn't find individuals with us but you all brighten my life and are some of the greatest friends in the entire world. I think about you all the time and imagine how to cry yourselves to sleep every night without me there... ;) No but really, thanks for still being there even from 4,000 miles away. Love you guys.

Meg Meg, I don't know if I'm allowed to say this but I miss you the most. It's hard surviving without weekly sweet frog trips and sleepovers and talking about life and my feelings. Both of our lives are so busy and I wish we could talk more... I wish you could come visit me. Don't forget about meeeee. Love you.
ONE MORE THING: If you have read this far, send me your address and I will send you a handwritten letter!! 

Much love, Alexandra

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